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Top 30 Happy Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile!

These 30 Amazingly Happy Animal Facts will surely make you laugh. According to a research, humans have emotional reactions to animals in the very basic part of the brain. Thus their cute or beautiful looks, their natural innocence or the emotional reactions will bring positive and happy reactions on us. Have a look at these 30 Animal facts and share it with your friends and family to make them smile. 1. Cows have best friends who they spend most of their time with. 2. Squirrels adopt the children of other squirrels if they have been abandoned. 3. This is what the paws of a lynx look like. 4. Leonardo da Vinci loved animals so much he would often buy caged birds just to set them free. 5. In Edinburgh, a knighthood has been awarded to a penguin. His full name is Sir Nils Olav. 6. Abraham Lincoln had two goats named Nanny and Nanko, and they often slept in his son Tad’s bed. 7. In China, killing a panda carries a death sentence. 8. Show jumping competitions for rabbits are held in Sweden. The competition is called Kaninhoppning. 9. Puffins have life-long mates. They build homes for themselves and their partner in steep cliffs and even set up a toilet nearby and return to the same nesting site each year to raise their new chick. 10. Scientists have determined that...

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15 Strange Body facts Exposed

Top 15 Happy Facts That Will Make You SmileWe always think we know our body in and out which is an absurd false. “I’m allergic to milk,” “I can only sleep on my back,” etc. are just your imaginations. How well you know about your body? Read this post that brings out 15 strange facts that will make you Wow for sure. 1. Women always seem colder than men The fairer the person has a high percentage of body fat and absorbs more heat around the core. This keeps the via organs active and toasty. Also, women have a lower threshold of cold than men, says a research. When exposed to the same negative temperature women’s blood vessels constrict more than men’s do, and that is why they turn white quickly. 2. Babies have blue eyes when they are born Babies are born with blue eyes. Melanin and ultraviolet rays are exposed to their eyes to bring out their true color. Until then they have blue eyes. 3. Wake up at night to urinate except to do anything else? The bladder which is is the reservoir for the urine production can only withstand a certain volume. The intelligent neurons in your gut control the colon contractions and are also influenced by your body’s circadian rhythm. This is the internal clock that makes you sleepy at night, so you don’t have to urge to...

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